Therapy for Couples

Every relationship, no matter how long it’s been, requires mutual exploration, vulnerability, and effort.

Perhaps you’ve been going in circles around the same argument; concerns about power dynamics, infidelity, lack of trust, or romantic fulfillment in your relationship. Maybe you believe your partner is only with you because it benefits them, and they don’t consider your feelings.

These cycles and stories can keep you locked into a diminished sense of utter vulnerability or anger, making it nearly impossible to find resolve or a return to the love you once shared. What’s worse, these cyclical stories—though keeping you both in a state of sadness—can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies if they haven’t already.

I can help you end these stories and cycles that are keeping you bogged down in alienated ruminations, recriminations, silent or outspoken criticism.

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How I can help

“Those who look for seashells will find seashells; those who open them will find pearls.”
~ Al-Ghazali