Virtual Therapy for Individuals
& Couples

Available to residents of California and Michigan

Discover what led to the life you have now, and how to navigate toward the life you wish to have.

If being troubled by what you don’t understand keeps you up at night, or available forms of treatments haven’t worked for you in the past, I’m here to help.

From concerns surrounding your creativity to bouts of anxiety or depression, intimate or interpersonal struggles, or other complex issues, you’ll find support and assistance from me.

My Services

From everyday anxieties to complex issues, I take an integrative approach to help you understand and address the core of what’s happening.

By evaluating how biological,
psychological, spiritual, and relational elements work together to influence where you have come to today, by discovering where you actually want to be, we can work together to help you find a healthier and more whole way of inhabiting your life.

“To get what you love, you must be patient with what you hate.”

~ Al-Ghazali

Whether you’re in a seasoned partnership or are still relatively new to one another, all relationships require persistent attention and work.

No matter how long you’ve been together, nearly all couples are affected by the struggle with and against the vulnerability of both partners. This is where discovery and support around at times invisible concerns, fears and pains requires open and honest communication. I can be a close and involved observer so that together, we’ll determine how you got here and how the two of you would like to proceed.

“If you are afraid of being alone, don’t get married”

~ C. Whitaker

Even if this is not your first child, preparing for the birth of a new being while readapting to parenthood can be challenging for each parent and for the family collectively.

The challenge is frequently to rediscover all the relationships in the family so as to include the new arrival.

By being genuinely present with the infant and the parents, my effort will be to hold the space where everyone can be considered and changed by the experience..

In this space, the essence of the new relationships and the new being can emerge.

“Children are not the people of tomorrow, but people today. The unknown person inside each of them is the hope of the future.”

~ J. Korczak

Hello, I’m Dr. Lipovetsky.

I take a direct and compassionate approach to support those struggling to understand their internal and external circumstances and how to define and develop a path toward healing and wholeness.

As a board-certified psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst, I have completed training that included the contemporary understanding of how our biology, our temperament and our early relationships shape us, frequently without our awareness. I have also completed a fellowship in trauma, and taught psychoanalytic courses on our most fundamental emotional dynamics and personality. Because I consider the emotional dynamics, history, the brain, present lifestyle and circumstances to be all equally important, I can help integrate the complex aspects of your life to recommend and facilitate changes and treatment. These may include lifestyle changes, explorations of the internal world, recommendations for medication or supplements; all such therapies would be occurring in the context of our shared effort to understand what is happening with you.

My priority is to be present, observant, and discover what makes you uniquely you. We’ll work together to find you a way to have a different experience of being, to find greater courage to try something new–to live a life of fulfillment, joy, and growth.

Are you ready to feel more courageous and experience a more whole way to live your life?