Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Integrative Psychiatry

With Dr. Vladimir Lipovetsky

Welcome, I’m Dr. Lipovetsky

Psychoanalyst and Psychiatrist

“What makes me experience life this way?” I can help you answer this question so you can experience your life in a more meaningful and manageable way.

In sessions with me, you will feel understood, attuned to, and challenged (in a good way). Together, we’ll discover something new about you while helping you find a way to have a different, more complete and actualized experience of being. It’s time to feel greater courage to try something different, something that genuinely brings out a more real you.

While I have a strong focus on understanding the unconscious forces that shape you, I can also prescribe medications or supplements if needed or recommend alternative treatments.

Get clarity to your most concerning questions so you can have a more fulfilling life experience.

My areas of expertise

Education and Training

“Feeling real is more than existing; it is finding a way to exist as oneself…and to have a self into which to retreat for relaxation.” ~ Donald Woods Winnicott